The 4 Sacred Selves – Experiencial Seminar with Horses

Experiencial Seminar at Hippolysis, with Softening & Healing

“The 4 Sacred Selves”

What is it that we are doing in our every-day lives concerning the famous phrase “listen to your heart”? The freedom to express our feelings, to fullfill our obligations, to be responsible and in touch with our spirituality, are some of the things needed on order to lead a healthy and balanced life.

We are multidimensional beings and inn order to achieve unity, we need to know the pieces we are made of.

-Indian American wisdom of 2.500 years-

-Inspired dialogues -experiencial exercises with horses – meditations-


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Info & Submissions: 6945 911405 (weekdays after 18.00)

Βιωματικό Σεμινάριο με Άλογα στην Ιππίόλυση