Help Hippolysis’ horses repair their stables damaged by the snowstorm

The heavy snowstorm in Marathon Greece destroyed the roof extensions (fixed awnings) of our stables that host our beloved horses, donkeys and ponies and of some supporting buildings. Fortunately, only material damages were incurred.
Any contribution, regardless of the amount, will be much appreciated and will help in the faster repair of the stables. This will allow our beloved horses, donkeys and ponies feel the protection, safety and comfort they found at Hippolysis, so they can continue to help people.
Our equines, having found refuge and help at Hippolysis, have been helping people for the past 12 years, as teachers and therapists through therapies and exercises of learning and development.…/

Ladies Run Family at Hippolysis

The Ladies Run family visited Hippolysis and implemented another important action for vulnerable groups of women. Offering, in cooperation with Women Prisoners and Ex-prisoners’ Supporting Network and through DESMOS Foundation , a series of session to mothers and children who have suffered.

Ladies Run site Mention and News Article

Βιωματικό Σεμινάριο με Άλογα στην Ιππίόλυση

The 4 Sacred Selves – Experiencial Seminar with Horses

Experiencial Seminar at Hippolysis, with Softening & Healing

“The 4 Sacred Selves”

What is it that we are doing in our every-day lives concerning the famous phrase “listen to your heart”? The freedom to express our feelings, to fullfill our obligations, to be responsible and in touch with our spirituality, are some of the things needed on order to lead a healthy and balanced life.

We are multidimensional beings and inn order to achieve unity, we need to know the pieces we are made of.

-Indian American wisdom of 2.500 years-

-Inspired dialogues -experiencial exercises with horses – meditations-


For more information about the seminar follow the link:

Info & Submissions: 6945 911405 (weekdays after 18.00)

Βιωματικό Σεμινάριο με Άλογα στην Ιππίόλυση

We have initiated a big effort, crowdfund for Hippolysis

We have initiated a big effort! It is not known widely that Hippolysis is going through financially very difficult times with the possibility of shutting down.

We have initiated this crowdfund with the hope and trust that Hippolysis friends but also people all over the world will help so that Hippolysis may stay open. We ask for your help, however small it may be. It will be of great assistance to spread our campaign to friends of yours that you think they may want to help. All the volunteers of Hippolysis believe that we will manage to keep Niki Markogianni’s dream alive! Thank you all and we will be keeping you posted of the course of our effort. PLEASE SHARE!!!

Hippolysis was at 1st Sterna Fringe Festival, Tinos island.

Some time has pasted since the 1st Fringe Festival at Isternia of Tinos, yet the love and joy we felt participating are still heartwarming.

The 1st Sterna Fringe Festival took place 7-9 August, due to the love of a girl, Ioanna Koutzoukou, for the village Isternia and because of her passion towards all kinds of Art as nourishment for the mind and the soul.

Artists performed in a simple and modest manner their art, having as the setting the beautiful Cycladic village of Isternia. Numerous activities took place, such us music nights, yoga sessions, photographic exhibition, discsussions with Doctors without Borders, therapeutic sessions with horses, walks and many more.

Hippolysis – Niki Markogianni and her associates- were invited by the festival’s organizers in order to provide equine assisted therapeutic sessions. As our resources are limited and we were not able to transport our own horses to the island, we had to figure out an alternative solution. Of course the solution was found, since the Greek islands are filled with equines. Two well-disposed owners offered their three beautiful mules for the sessions. These animals had amazing personalities and performed the sessions as professionals! As Dr. Markogianni observed “the mules are even more open to the process of the sessions than horses are”. The sessions were a big success and the people that took part in them had the chance to experience first hand the magic of equine assisted psychotherapy. And of course all this took place having as scenery the panoramic view of the Cycladic Island and the deep blue sea.

It was an honor for Hippolysis to take part to the Festival. An inspired festival that was embraced warmly by everyone that participated in it.  We reminisce the beautiful moments we had and we are already looking forward to the 2nd Sterna Fringe Festival 2016, the following August.