Violeta is adopted!

The “Ioannis M. Karras” Kindergarten has undertaken the adoption of our little donkey Violeta.

Violeta is one and a half year old and she came to the farm, along with her mother Lou, when she was only a few months old, in 2014. She is a beautiful creature, as every animal is. But Violeta has some features that make her even more special. When she came to Hippolysis she was still a baby and –as expected- she was strongly attached to her mother. The love that she received from us, the many volunteers of Hippolysis, was catalytic.

Violeta started slowly to look for the caresses, hugs and for human company. Now as she grows more and more she is turning into a sociable, clever and witty donkey. She is cheerful and playful, always in need of her mommy, but very often she leaves her in order to explore new grass and experiences in more distant areas of the farm.

When she was a baby, her fur was thick and fluffy like a baby bear. Now she’s getting taller, almost reached her mom’s height, she’s lost her old fur and she is becoming a strong, proud, shinny black donkey (with huge ears).

The help that the “Ioannis M. Karras” Kindergarten is providing truly important both for Hippolysis and Violeta because by adopting her, it covers for various months all her expenses! This is an act on behalf of the Kindergarten that we applaud, as it becomes an example of animal care for all and for the children. Thank you!